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New exporter to distribute new apple variety

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The new Roxy apple variety

“IP holds the key to the future of the NZ apple industry and as a newly established fruit exporting business we are delighted to already have this feather in our cap” says Snazzy Fruit Director, Josh Parlane. “With market conditions constantly changing in Asia, we needed a variety that ticked all the right boxes from a growing and market point of view.

We consider ourselves a new, innovative company so having a special variety like Roxy early on in the season will definitely help to kickstart our annual shipping programs to Asia.

Having been closely involved with Asian markets for a number of years and previously living in Japan and Taiwan, I can definitely see the potential that this variety has for the next generation of buyers.”

Bred from heritage genes with flavour as the prime selection criterion and 5 years of test marketing in Asia, Roxy has demonstrated strong market appeal due to its infatuating pink colour and its unique refreshing taste.

Bill & Erica Lynch of Fashion Foods, have survived the ups and downs of orcharding and wanted to provide apple growers with an easy-to grow premium variety backed by a novel structure to prevent the adverse impacts of past models. “Our Lost Orchard Structure does

just that” says Bill Lynch, “And furthermore, Roxy harvests earlier than Royal Gala so is an excellent option where low margin varieties require replacement.”

Lost Orchard Chairman, Patrick Clement commented that having Snazzy Fruit (with both local and international connections) involved in the IP licence augurs well for the orderly marketing and management of the Roxy variety. 


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